Happy Spring

Today’s the first day of spring!!! I went to go see a ranch with my family over spring and here are some of my favorite pics:

Also, Miko had a great time!!((:


3rd grade {to}f 1-7-17

These are just a few of my favorite pictures of us together. There are definitely way,wayyyyyy more pictures, but these are a few of my favorites.(: More pictures will come in future blog posts.


biscuit paint wall 2-27-16


anna e.’s bat mitzvah 1-7-17


3rd grade(:


summer 2k16 –  6-27-16

Blog Change

Hi guys! Hadley and I will be changing our blog! Instead of life hacks, diy’s and things of that sort, it will now be more of something where we’ll record all of our memories. We will be posting pictures when we go on trips, have photoshoots or just fun pictures together. We decided to do this because we want this blog to be something that we can look back at when we’re older and remember all the memories. Hope y’all  like it!